Celebrating the Stop Doing List

As I mentioned at the beginning of this year, I’ve embraced the power of list-making with renewed fervor. The lists I create tend to be of the “to-do” variety and I continue to get more and more micro with them – putting on paper every baby step that needs to be accomplished so that each Read More



Today is Fat Tuesday, a time set aside to celebrate in high fashion prior to 40 days of sacrifice. Traditionally, masks were worn during the revelry to negate social hierarchy and the confines of societal norms. Or, thought of in contemporary terms, both to hide your identity and, paradoxically, to reveal it. Think of how Read More


Oscar Night

The helicopters are buzzing overhead. Everyone is hoping the torrential downpour of the last few days won’t reappear to drench fashion marketing dreams. The PR machine that’s been at a frenzy for the past three months is at the pinnacle of its fevered pitch. Half of Hollywood simply can’t wait til 10 p.m. when someone Read More


Breaking Silence

Whether it’s with a whisper or a scream, breaking silence is always jarring. There’s no easy way to pass the barrier into sound, into being heard and seen, into action. It’s like cannon-balling into a mountain lake. Bam! You’re here, now. But the crazy thing is, I forget this reality every time. And, as a Read More


First Friday

Let’s celebrate this first Friday of the New Year. Woot woot! Balloons! Streamers! Some bubbly! Hugs all around! Hell, let’s throw in some air kisses for good measure! It seems like a momentous occasion, one that should be honored, don’t you think? Otherwise, we’re already rushing headlong into tomorrows and “to-dos” and, honestly, I’m not Read More

YIP 2013: End of Days

There are just a few hours remaining in this year and four more Year in Pleasure Project 2013 questions left to answer. It’s such a cliche but time really does fly, doesn’t it? What was your greatest achievement this year? What, if any, challenges did you overcome and what did you learn in the process? Read More

YIP 2013 Day Twenty-Four: Pampering

What was your most rewarding self-care moment this year? Funnily enough, the most rewarding self-care moment of 2013 may have actually occurred on the first day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a martyr. As a single woman without kids, I actually have many opportunities for self-care and I take them. I’ve had my massages Read More

YIP 2013 Day Twenty-Three: Home Sweet Home

What space in your home brought you the most joy this year? Describe the elements of it, or the experience in it, that made it so. I did a lot of home improvements this year, little things to make the space I’ve occupied now for almost fifteen years – eek! – a more welcoming, exciting Read More

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