2008: Most Pleasurables

Since the world seems obsessed with lists at the moment – I mean really, people, a whole issue of Time Magazine! – and, to my chagrin, I find myself oddly drawn to them as if they were Pixy Stix, I have decided to jump on the band wagon with one of my own.  My list highlights the most pleasurable things about 2008, from my perspective, in case you didn’t infer that from the title.  Perhaps it is the beginning of a tradition, perhaps not.  It is still too early to tell…

  1. Obama’s Win. Tears of joy over that one.  And relief.  For days.  In fact, I’m still giddy.
  2. My New Niece. She was actually born in 2007, but I got to know her this year and she is one very cool chic.
  3. Bella, My Cat. I’m actually more of a dog person and, based on her behavior in the window sill, so is she, so some adjustments had to be made.  We’ve worked everything out and I am now at her beck and call.
  4. Having A Job. Money isn’t everything, but only an idiot would think it was nothing.
  5. Duffy’s Debut, Rockferry. I’m kinda addicted to it.  It makes me want a bouffant.
  6. MacBook Pro. I finally converted from a PC this year, primarily because my Dell kept crashing and I was tired of talking to Pakistan and I hated myself for being tired of talking to Pakistan, but what this little baby lets you do with two fingers — well, let’s just say it hits the spot.
  7. Playing With B. It’s simple.
  8. The Shield Finale. It’s complicated.
  9. Anne Klein Black Patent Heels. Every girl’s got to have her favorite sexy shoes, and these 3-inch babies are comfy to boot.
  10. This Year’s Best Tent Pole Flick, Iron Man. I heart Robert Downey, Jr.
  11. Libraries. I rediscovered them this year.  They let you have any book you want, for two weeks, for free.  Amazing.
  12. Massimo Carlotto’s The Goodbye Kiss. Italy’s answer to Raymond Chandler, and one more reason to love Italy.
So there you have it, twelve things that brought me pleasure this year, one for every month.  Your turn.


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