Take A Break

Today is a simply stupendous day in Los Angeles.

The air is crisp. A gentle wind over the last few days has rid the sky of its pollution film. There is not a single cloud to mar the stunning blue frame to sharply visible mountains and palm trees.

Days like today make me want to throw out my To Do list, clear my agenda of plans and let whimsy dictate my day. How glorious, then, that this day lands on a Sunday and I can act on my impulses.

How often do you act on your impulses?

I’m guessing it’s not nearly as often as you’d like.

How often do you permit yourself a break from all the “shoulds” zipping around your head? And I don’t mean just how often do you take a break from doing everything you need to do; I mean the exhaustive thinking about it all, too.

How often do you clear your mind of your action plan and simply lean into the current of the day?

I’m guessing you immediately scoffed at the idea as you read the question.

We’ve all been trained so well.

Why not break the chains of routine, just for a moment?

  • Take a break from whatever it is you “must” do today,
  • Turn left instead of right,
  • Order a menu item you’ve never tried,
  • Put on those earring you’ve been saving for just the right occasion,
  • Scribble in that journal you shoved away,
  • Light that candle you thought too beautiful to melt.

Just take a break. Everything you “have to do” will still be there when you return.

But you will be different.

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